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as perceived by those finer creatures of

Once upon a time in the land of "Doggingham" there lived a stud, his bitch, and their two male get......ahemm...What??!! oh excuse me!!  Lets try it again.....

Once upon a time in the land of Bellingham, there lived a man, his wife and their two sons.  They were a happy and busy family; building their new home and shop, and  enjoying the wildlife in the woods on their five acres. Their hobbies included: antiques, gardening, aquariums, bird watching, and clocks.  They enjoyed life but, alas, something was missing.  They yearned for the pitter patter pit of little paws.  They researched all the different 





kinds of pitter patter pits available through books, personal contacts and shows.    It was at a show that it was obvious to them which dog stood out among the rest!  The Old English Mastiff!!  Little did they know that they had just spent the last two years building the biggest and best dog house ever for the journey on which they were about to embark........


I'm Deirdre..their "first".  I'm told I'm the one who started it all....I made them "fall in love" with the breed....whatever, just give me a treat and i'm happy!  When I first arrived at the big "dog house" I was 8 wks. old.


I kept growing

and growing

and growing!!!



Life changed for us all when these 12 came along!!


Evan & Cheryl Compton
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